Senior Producer’s Strategies Putting His Kids At Risk!

When a star producer’s son gets launched in movies as a hero, the expectations are massive and we see them getting a perfect launchpad with huge star cast, high budget, top class technicians and perfect promotions. But a senior producer who has been making films for the past three decades has introduced his two sons in a very lame manner. His calculations have put the careers of his two kids at risk.

His elder son made his entry in 2010 and the producer did not spend heavily at all. He did not take risks at all when his son needed as much push as he can. Due to this, the elder son took noncommercial movies at the beginning of his career. He is still struggling to score a solo hit even today despite being a very good actor.

His screen presence is massive and he dominates other heroes when he acts in multi-starrers but things never go in his favour when he did solo hero movies. The senior producer’s calculations went wrong for his second son too. He made his son debut with a faded director who is making outdated movies for the past decade or so. The movie released recently and ended up being a flop and netizens are wondering how the senior hero let that happen.

The debut film of his second son did not get any positive talk and there are no plus points in the movie which is quite sad. Being one of the most influential personalities in Tollywood, the senior producer failed to get the launch of his two sons in a proper way.

Netizens are commenting that his second son’s career is affected by this debut flick. Let us see how the producer revives the career of his second son.