Akshay Kumar’s Work Ethic Defended by Producer Ahmed Khan Amidst Scrutiny pen_spark

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, renowned for his prolificacy and box office dominance, has recently faced criticism regarding his choice of films. While maintaining his position as one of India’s highest-paid actors, some have questioned his motivations, suggesting a prioritization of profit over quality.

Producer and choreographer Ahmed Khan has come to Kumar’s defense, vehemently refuting these claims. Khan points to Kumar’s extensive career, questioning the notion that financial gain drives his relentless work ethic.

“Look at Akshay’s work,” Khan stated. “Do you think that man works because he needs money?” Highlighting Kumar’s dedication to his craft, Khan emphasizes the actor’s philosophy of treating every project as his last, giving it his absolute best.

Khan further praises Kumar’s unwavering discipline and punctuality, highlighting his professional demeanor regardless of a film’s success or failure. “Success and failure doesn’t affect him,” Khan says, “when he has reached before you and you have failed to come late, not that you have come late, you have come after him. He never even gets mad at you or makes you feel that you made him wait.”

This staunch defense comes amidst the upcoming release of Kumar’s film “Sarfira,” a remake of the Telugu blockbuster “Aakasame Nee Haddu Ra.” Kumar also has several other projects lined up, including “Singham Again” and “Kannappa.” Despite recent box office setbacks, it appears Kumar’s commitment to his craft and his unwavering work ethic remain undeterred.