Balakrishna gives a sensational update on Mokshagna’s debut

Nandamuri fans have been eagerly waiting for the debut of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s only son, Mokshagna. There have been rumors surrounding Mokshagna‘a debut project.

Today, Balakrishna took it upon himself to provide a sensational update on Mokshagna’s debut.

“Aditya 369 sequel will definitely happen. It will mark the debut of my son, Mokshagna as well. We won’t be seen as a father-son duo in the film but our characters will be really compelling. I myself will launch my son Mokshagna,” Balakrishna said.

The Nandamuri hero went on to say that he is providing the story for Aditya 369 sequel.

“I am providing the story for the sequel. Either Singeetham Srinivas who directed the original will helm the sequel or I myself will yield the megaphone,” Balayya concluded.

Nandamuri Mokshagna’s debut might have taken a while but Balakrishna sure is planning a stellar launch pad to his doting son.