Charan To Take A Long Break Before Buchi Babu’s Flick!

Hyderabad, India: Actor Ram Charan has officially concluded filming for the high-octane action thriller “Game Changer,” directed by S. Shankar. This news comes as a welcome development for director Buchi Babu Sana, whose upcoming project hinges on Charan’s availability.

While the long-awaited collaboration between Charan and Buchi Babu has been formally announced and even launched with much fanfare, the project’s principal photography remains on hold. Sources close to the production reveal that Charan intends to take a break before diving into his next commitment. This delay in Charan’s call sheet reportedly pushes back the film’s shooting schedule to potentially after the Dasara festival, which falls in October this year.

Buchi Babu, however, isn’t letting the wait hinder his creative process. He’s actively refining the script, aiming for a flawless screenplay. Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Sukumar, who is renowned for meticulous script development, Buchi Babu has assembled a writing team. His office reportedly bustles with activity as writers and assistant directors brainstorm ideas to ensure a watertight script.

The project boasts a stellar technical crew, including cinematographer Ratnavelu and the legendary music composer A.R. Rahman. While the leading lady is confirmed to be Janhvi Kapoor, reports suggest Rahman has already provided Buchi Babu with three potential musical compositions.

Furthermore, the team is constructing a massive set on the outskirts of Hyderabad to accommodate the film’s grand vision. Presently, Buchi Babu is channeling his focus into overseeing the set construction.

While fans eagerly await Ram Charan’s return to the sets, Buchi Babu’s dedication to crafting a perfect script and the ongoing set construction bode well for an exceptional cinematic experience in the making.