Gorgeous Sakshi Vaidya Becomes Nitya For #Sharwa37!

Despite facing setbacks with her debut film “Agent” and her subsequent project “Gandheevadhari Arjuna,” rising star Sakshi Vaidya has secured a promising role in an upcoming Telugu movie. The announcement coincides with Vaidya’s birthday, adding a celebratory touch to the news.

Sharwanand, who recently garnered attention with his film “Manamey,” is currently filming his 37th project. Directed by Ram Abbaraju, the production team unveiled a special birthday poster to welcome Vaidya aboard the cast.

Vaidya will portray Nitya, the love interest of Sharwanand’s character in the film. Sporting a stylish ensemble of a formal shirt and jeans skirt in the poster, her character is also revealed to be an architect by profession. Filming for the project is progressing swiftly in Hyderabad.

The production combines the efforts of AK Entertainments, led by Rambrahmam Sunkara, and Adventures International Pvt Ltd. Music for the film will be composed by Vishal Chandra Shekhar, with cinematography by Gnana Shekhar VS. Story and dialogue writing credits go to Bhanu Bogavarapu and Nandu Savirigana respectively, while Brahma Kadali takes on the role of art director. Ajay Sunkara serves as co-producer, and the screenplay is penned by director Ram Abbaraju himself. Kishore Garikipati is credited as the ex-producer.

Sharwanand is currently enjoying a productive phase in his career, with a string of exciting projects lined up. While details regarding the remaining cast members and the film’s official title are yet to be revealed, the announcement has generated significant buzz within the Telugu film industry. This project marks a significant step forward for Sakshi Vaidya, offering her the opportunity to collaborate with established names and showcase her talent on a wider platform.