Manchu Manoj Talks About His Issues With Vishnu!

The ongoing internal rivalry between the Manchu brothers Vishnu and Manoj have become public now. Manchu Manoj recording the video of Vishnu attacking his relative and posting it on social media gathered a lot of attention. The video immediately went viral and showed their differences to the entire world. It is being said that Manoj deleted the video after Mohan Babu got angry.

The ‘Mr Nookayya’ actor recently made some posts on social media and many assumed that it is aimed at his elder brother. Manoj attended a movie opening newly and the reports at the event constantly asked about the rift between him and his brother. Talking about this, Manoj made some interesting comments. He said that the media knows more than him regarding this issue and said not to ask him anymore.

Talking about his next movie, he said, “Movie industry is everything to me and you people are my life. I am nothing without cinema. I am coming back again. ‘What The Fish’ is coming to you soon. I need your blessings at all times. I have recently started a new chapter in life and I hope your blessings give us a lot of happiness.”

As we know, Manchu Manoj got married recently and there was a talk that Vishnu was not happy with this marriage. But he attended the wedding putting an end to all the rumours. Now, this sudden controversy has raised everyone’s eyebrows.