Polimera Franchise Expands with Third Installment: “Polimera 3” Announced

Thrilling news for fans of the “Polimera” horror franchise! The much-anticipated announcement of a third film, titled “Polimera 3,” was made today. This exciting development promises to continue the chilling saga that has captivated audiences across platforms.

Dr. Anil Vishwanath, the creative force behind the franchise, will return to helm “Polimera 3” as both writer and director. Produced by Vamsi Nandipati, a prominent figure in the Telugu film industry known for his association with blockbusters like “Kantara” and “Polimera 2,” the film is poised for commercial success.

Vamsi Nandipati Entertainments will co-produce “Polimera 3” with Bhogendra Gupta, ensuring a collaborative effort to bring the next chapter of the “Polimera” universe to life. The announcement video has already generated excitement among fans, hinting at the thrilling experiences that await in “Polimera 3.”

The production team has confirmed that the script is complete, and pre-production activities are now underway. Versatile actor Satyam Rajesh will reprise his leading role, joined by a talented ensemble cast featuring Baladitya, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Getup Srinu, Rakendu Mouli, and more. Music for the film will be composed by Gyaani.

With a focus on technical excellence and adherence to high production standards, producer Vamsi Nandipati aims to deliver a truly spine-chilling cinematic experience. “Polimera 1” established itself as a sensation on OTT platforms with its captivating twists and powerful storytelling, while “Polimera 2” went on to achieve blockbuster status in theaters. “Polimera 3” appears set to continue this impressive trajectory, further solidifying the franchise’s place as a major player in the horror genre.