Prasanth Varma Not Targeting Ranveer With His Tweet!

Much speculation has surrounded the collaboration between Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and director Prasanth Varma following the immense success of Varma’s “Hanu-Man.” News of their initial interest in a superhero film titled “Rakshas” sparked excitement among fans.

However, public announcements from both Singh and Varma confirmed that the project would not be moving forward due to creative differences. While maintaining a respectful tone, both parties expressed a desire for potential future collaboration. Singh acknowledged Varma’s talent, and Varma praised Singh’s energy and talent.

Further confusion arose due to a social media post by Varma that went viral. The post, a general reflection on rejection and blessings in disguise, was misinterpreted by some as a veiled jab at Singh for the shelved project. Varma subsequently clarified his intentions, explaining that the message was meant to be inspirational and not directed at Singh specifically. He expressed frustration over the tendency of social media to misinterpret his posts.

Varma elaborated that the decision to shelve “Rakshas” stemmed from differing creative viewpoints on the film. He reaffirmed his respect for Singh as an actor and their ongoing communication, emphasizing that while the project ultimately fell through, their professional relationship remains intact.