Rishi Sunak Becomes Target Of Opposition Leaders Again!

Indian-origin Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom unexpectedly. When he contested the elections he lost the polls in the lost round. But things changed rapidly and he was elected by the representatives of the house to set things right.

However, Rishi Sunak is not having an easy time and he has been a target of the opposition party leaders. No matter what he does it gets a wide range of attention and Rishi Sunak gets targeted. Earlier, his interaction with a homeless man at a shelter house created a big uproar.

Not just the opposition leaders in the United Kingdom a few noted personalities also found fault with the serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and asked if that is how he talks with a person who is living in a shelter that was meant for homeless people.

Now Rishi Sunak became a target of the opposition leaders yet again. He was fined by the authorities for an error and this gave a big opportunity for the opposition to breathe fire on him. The issue reached a point where the Prime Minister had to issue an apology.

Rishi Sunak appeared in a video recently that was filmed for a purpose. However, he did not wear a seatbelt in the slip that was posted online. Seeing this the cops fined the Prime Minister with a fine of 100 pounds.

Rishi Sunak posted the video on his Instagram account to promote the leveling up of the amount the government is spending. But the issue took an unexpected turn after the Police imposed a fine of £100.

Reacting to the row the British Prime Minister admitted that he had done a mistake and will pay the fine. The laws are very strict in the United Kingdom and even the big leaders have to pay a fine. Not wearing a seatbelt attracts a fine of £100.

It becomes an even big issue when the offense is taken to the court. Once the issue goes to the notice of the court then the guilty have to pay a bigger fine of £500.