TRS getting major backlash from BJP for unlocking the state

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi, after its cabinet meeting today, headed by Chief Minister KCR, took the decision of unlocking the state from tomorrow, June 20th – Sunday, all at once. The cabinet said that it took the decision as the state has witnessed a major downfall in the number of coronavirus cases in the last couple of weeks and since the number of daily cases has dropped down to below 1500 cases in the state, with the positivity rate falling below 2%.
While the people of the state are rejoicing the news, the Telangana BJP seems to be majorly upset. The TRS received major backlash from the BJP today after the announcement was made. The members of the Telangana BJP said that the CM’s decision was an unplanned one, and it could cost the people of the state dearly. They also said that the CM’s decision was in direct contrast to the Centre’s suggestion to open up phase-wise.
BJP Telangana chief spokesperson K Krishna Sagar Rao said that the CM was playing with the health of the people of the state, and that opening up the state at once could result in a massive spike of coronavirus yet again, which is a major possibility.
The members of the BJP also opposed the CM’s decision to reopen all educational institutions from July 1st, as children would be majorly susceptible to the virus.