Anushka pens an inspiring note to be positive in these tough times

All are very much aware that the second wave of Covid-19 is spreading in a dreadful way unprecedentedly. Recent issues in provision of hospital beds, maltreatment, lack of oxygen, and medical management in the nation has triggered a double whammy to the Indian government.

Stars have been coming forward in raising the awareness to the general public to help them stay safe and instil hope in this adversity.

In this regard, Actress Anushka Shetty penned an inspiring note on her instagram account on Monday night about the current bad times.

We can get see an excerpt of Anushka’s note that read, “It’s been trying times and each one out there are trying to do their best… losses which can never be compensated… let us all help each other to navigate through these tough times… please please do follow the protocols… stay at home… impose self lockdown… talk to ur family and friend… be in touch… not everyone knows how to express what they feel… do some breathing… look for one positive thing everyday… stay positive we need that energy to lift all around… help in ur own small way even if it means a prayer… and we will get through this…”.

She emphasised to focus on what can be done in the moment and not panic by draining our energy on negativity. She showed her solidarity and encouraged everyone in bringing forward our strengths of being human and get through this with grace.