Atchannaidu case: Huge damage started for Jagan?

While both Telugu states have enough on their plates with the rampage of the global pandemic, here comes the TDP MLA and AP former Minister Atchannaidu’s arrest to shift everyone’s attention to AP politics. Though many opine that this arrest was a tactic from Jagan, the analysts say it only resulted in severe loss to the AP CM at the end.

Well, yesterday Jagan took a crucial decision in his cabinet meeting by imposing CBI enquiry on CBN’s welfare schemes in his tenure. Many TDP supporters criticized that Jagan who is facing a lot of negativity due to his recent jolts at the high court and the supreme court wants to shift the attention to opposition by probing an investigation forcefully.

Within hours, Atchannaidu was arrested in his own house who was under treatment after having a major surgery before 3 days. His wife and son came before media and said that the ACB officers forcibly took Atchannaidu into custody. Now, with opposition creating a ruckus on the other side and MLA’s family crying in front of media, the sympathy tilted well in favor of the former minister.

Apparently, the reports say us that Atchannaidu didn’t even resist at the time of his arrest but the way the charges booked under him when the YSRCP’s weakness and controversial decisions are being exposed in front of the state people, it is being said that the people started to believe that Jagan can do anything in the state with power in hand which will not sit with the neutrals in the state.