Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Akhil Sarthak reveals Mithraw Sharma’s tactics of communicating through lipsticks and toilet papers; the latter stands speechless

Bigg Boss mandates the use of mics in the BB house at all times which also propels a few contestants to get creative with their communication in the house.
While a few use gestures, pillows, and other forms of non-verbal communication at times, Mithraw Sharma has apparently found out some new ways. Akhil Sarthak exposed Mithraw’s tactics of non-verbal communication in the house.
During the nomination task, Akhil nominated Mithraw stating that she is acting ‘fake’ in the house. Calling her a ‘gamer’, Akhil alleged that Mithraw is using lipsticks, tissue papers, wheat flour, nicknames, and other means to communicate with housemates. Akhil complained that she is spending long hours in the washroom, penning her messages to inmates on toilet paper instead of telling in front of the cameras as she is afraid that viewers might judge her. Akhil argued that Mithraw is acting nice with everyone, trying to project that everyone has abandoned her but rubbing her thoughts on everyone with these indirect means of communication.
Notably, when Akhil asked Mithraw to confirm the same, she refused to comment on it. Akhil walked away saying Mithraw couldn’t comment since it is the truth.
Mahesh also joined Akhil in revealing that Mithraw tried to rub her thoughts on him through her indirect communication. Later, Mithraw had an emotional breakdown and Ariyana tried to comfort her.
Seven contestants including Mithraw are nominated for eviction this week.