CEC canceled the ‘glass tumbler’ symbol allotted to the new party !!

A controversy has arisen over the allocation of a glass symbol by the Election Commission to a new party candidate. Leaders of both parties went to Delhi and complained to the Central Electoral Commission. Following this, the Central Election Commission (CEC) canceled the glass symbol allotted to the new party. This seems to have given a big relief to the BJP.

It is learned that retired IAS officer Ratnaprabha is contesting the Tirupati by-election on behalf of the BJP. The Janasena party has declared its full support for the BJP candidate. Pawan Kalyan has started campaigning on behalf of the BJP candidate. At this point in time, the allocation of Janasena’s ‘glass’ symbol to the new party has caused a stir among the Janasena and BJP parties. Both parties have accused the ruling party of plotting this to confuse voters.