Conspiracy Behind Train Accident.. What Is Interlocking System?

The recent train accident in Odisha will go down as the deadliest in the history of the Indian Railways. When the passengers were indulged in conversation with each other tragedy hit them. There was blood all over the place and many lost their lives. The whole nation was shocked by this. However, Railway Minister raised doubt about a possible conspiracy angle.

Yes, you heard it right. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw made some sensational comments on the train accident that happened at Bahanaga in the Balasore district in Odisha. He said that this is not an error and happened due to the change to the electronic interlocking system. He even alleged that someone changed the point machine setting.

Electronic interlocking system is very key in running the trains successfully. Making changes in the system led to the accident. But there is no clarity on whether the change was made wantedly or was made intentionally to create a tense situation. CBI will swing into action.

Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced the same. On the other hand, a few higher circles said that Railway loco pilots have nothing to do with the accident.

Officials suspect that some people might have changed the Interlocking system with the wrong intentions. It is also said that the chances of errors happening in the system are very less.

It is said that the goods train was carrying Iron ore and it would have left a big impact on the Coromandel Express which hit it. With this, people are searching about the Interlocking system on the internet.

Interlocking is the apprehensive signal system that helps in easing the easy passage of two trains seeing that two trains won’t come on the same track. The system makes sure that signals are not given unless the track is proven safe. Sensors feedback equipment is being used. Aspects like easy passage on tracks, dealing with the jam, and handling level crossing gates are involved in this.

Keeping the issues aside, the train movements which were stopped due to the shocking accident were resumed. In just 51 hours, the two tracks which were damaged were repaired. With this, the train services resumed in Balasore again.

In the wake of demands that the Railways Minister resign taking moral responsibility for what happened, Ashwini Vaishnaw ignored them all and examined the reconciliation work at the accident spot.