Darling movie team unveils chart-topping single ‘Khalasay’

PrimeShow Entertainment is set to charm audiences once again with their latest project Darling starring Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh in lead roles. Directed by Aswin Raam and produced by K Niranjan Reddy, this rom-com promises to be a refreshing departure from their previous Pan India hit “Hanu-Man.”

The musical journey of “Darling” commenced with the release of its first single Khalasay which has already become a sensation. Composed by Vivek Sagar known for his catchy tunes and sung by Ram Miriyala and Hanuman CH, the song exudes a fun and lively vibe. With humorous lyrics penned by Kasarla Syam, the track humorously depicts the frustrations of everyday life countered by the advice to relax and take it easy.

Priyadarshi, showcasing his dancing prowess, adds to the song’s appealmaking “Khalasay” a must-hear anthem for those looking to unwind and laugh along with its relatable lyrics.

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast including Brahmanandam, Vishnu, Krishna Tej, and Ananya Nagalla, among others. Each member plays a pivotal role in bringing the narrative to life.

Behind the scenes, the movie is supported by a skilled technical crew, with Naresh Ramadurai handling cinematography, Pradeep E Ragav editing, Hemanth writing dialogues and Gandhi overseeing production design. This collaborative effort ensures that “Darling” not only entertains but also captivates with its visual and narrative finesse.