Eshwaraiah gets relief in Supreme Court

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh had ordered a probe into the conspiracy case of the audiotapes case of former Judge, Justice Eeswaraiah. The Supreme Court has today said that there is no need of probing into the case, and no need to checking whether Justice Eeswaraiah has made allegations of illegal land dealings by the relatives of a Supreme Court judge in Amaravati Capital City area.

Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice Subhash Reddy consisted of the SC bench and said that the High Court should only consider maintaining the sanctity of the public interest litigation, without going into the details of the audiotape.

The SC declared its judgment after holding hearings on the petition filed by Justice Eswaraiah. Previously, the HC had heard a petition filed by former judge S Ramakrishna, who submitted a recorded version of the conversation between him and Eswaraiah, where Eswaraiah can be heard making remarks against the then Chief Justice of the HC and the SC judge.

That was when the HC ordered an inquiry into the matter, by retired Supreme Court judge Justice Ravindran, to find out if Justice Eswaraiah was conspiring to defame the SC judge.