Hi Nanna: Nani’s New Political Manifesto Unveiled

The excitement in Telangana is rising as elections draw near. Marking the same, Famous actor Nani has found an interesting way to promote his upcoming movie “Hi Nanna” amidst this election buzz. Directed by newcomer Shouryuv and starring Mrunal Thakur as the lead actress, the movie has sparked attention through Nani’s unique promotional strategy.

Nani, known as Natural Star, has introduced a playful tactic by unveiling a fake political party named “Hi Nanna” Party a couple of days ago. Leveraging the ongoing elections, now he released a humorous election manifesto video that has quickly gained popularity.

In this video, Nani cleverly integrates the current societal aspects and the mindset of young people. He jokingly promises to distribute smartphones and lighting kits to youngsters for creating ‘reels’ if his party comes into power. Additionally, he humorously pledges to have his statue at every junction and his film playing in every theater.

Explaining his decision for an early movie release, Nani humorously draws a parallel with politicians opting for early elections when confident of winning. “When parties are confident, they will go for early polls, so we are going for early release on Thursday (Dec 7th)”, he added. He expresses confidence in the movie’s content and jokes about his popularity among NRIs, proposing to build a center similar to RTC X Roads in Dallas and Texas.

His manifesto includes amusing promises like increasing income for theaters and local stores, offering discounts on World Cup final tickets, and granting two votes for father-daughter pairs. Notably, the ‘Hi Nanna’ party allows anyone to vote without an age limit.

However, Nani concludes the video with a serious message urging people to vote responsibly and support good movies in theaters. The promotional video, showcasing Nani as an experienced politician in a satirical light, has gained immense popularity among viewers. It cleverly combines entertainment with a message of civic responsibility.