Hollywood beauty for Mahesh Babu?

Mahesh Babu is a lucky star now as he gets to work with Rajamouli for his next film that is tentatively titled SSMB29.

The latest news pertaining to the Rajamouli directorial is that the maverick filmmaker wants to cast a Hollywood actress for a female lead role in the film.

Mahesh is expected to pair with a Hollywood actress in the film and Rajamouli is currently working on the casting part.

The film will have a stellar technical crew as well. There will be several top technicians for the CGI, VFX, and other production activities.

Rajamouli is a global name now thanks to the fact that RRR won the Oscars and the onus is on him to make it big with SSMB29. And hence the idea to cast a Hollywood actress for the female lead role.