Jacqueline Fernandez Faces Renewed Scrutiny in Money Laundering Case

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez finds herself back in the spotlight as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summons her for questioning in a Rs 200 crore money laundering case. The ED alleges that Fernandez is linked to conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, accused of extorting Rs 200 crore from Aditi Singh, wife of former Fortis Healthcare promoter Shivinder Singh.

Citing newly discovered crucial evidence, the ED summoned Fernandez for questioning on July 10th, 2024. This is not the first time Fernandez has faced scrutiny in the case. She has been questioned by the ED on multiple occasions previously. During a 2021 statement, she acknowledged receiving luxury gifts from Chandrashekhar, including designer bags, clothing, jewelry, and other items.

The ED contends that Fernandez was not only aware of the source of the funds but also actively participated in using and possessing the proceeds of Chandrashekhar’s alleged crime. The agency claims she withheld information regarding financial transactions with Chandrashekhar and concealed facts until confronted with evidence. Furthermore, it is alleged that Fernandez wiped data from her phone following Chandrashekhar’s arrest, potentially tampering with evidence.

Fernandez’s involvement in the case has been a source of significant speculation and controversy. While she has consistently denied any romantic relationship with Chandrashekhar, the ED maintains her knowing involvement with the proceeds of his alleged crimes. As the investigation unfolds, Fernandez remains under the watchful eye of authorities as she faces further questioning.