Not Just Hindus, Muslims Also Have Objections With Pathaan!

The Boycott trend is in the news yet again after many objections were raised on the upcoming film Pathaan starring King Khan Shah Rukh Khan. The makers recently dropped the Besharam Rang song from the movie. Soon after the song ran into a big controversy.

Alleging that the sentiments are hurt a few Hindu outfits demanded that the colour of the Bikini worn by Deepika should be changed or else the films will be banned. A few BJP legislators including Madhya Pradesh Home Minister also warned the Pathaan makers.

As the Saffron colour is very sacred to Hindus, the right-wing supporters raised their objections. The effigies of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone were burnt by the protesters saying that their sentiments are hurt.

As if it is not enough the Muslim bodies also raised objections. The bodies asked how a film which is titled Pathaan can have obscene scenes. They alleged that the entire Muslim was not shown in a good manner.

Madhya Pradesh Ulama Board reacted to the controversy and said that the film has a few objectionable scenes and they are not happy with this. Having said that the Board warned that the film needs to undergo a few changes or else a tough call would have to be taken.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra already warned that Pathaan will have to face the heat if the makers won’t accept the changes they had asked for. Now the Muslim community also joined the row and raised serious objections.