NTR 30: Koratala Needs To Score Big!

Jr NTR became a global star with the magnum opus RRR. Now he is doing a project with director Koratala Siva. Recently, the project was started officially with a traditional pooja ceremony. The movie is being made on a big budget on a Pan-India scale. Koratala Siva is busy presenting the film on a grand level. The regular shoot will begin in April.

Bollywood beauty Janhvi Kapoor is making a debut in Tollywood with the film. The young actress got a big opportunity with NTR 30, who is waiting for a grand entry. Koratala Siva is carrying a big burden on him. His last project was Acharya starring Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan.

Acharya received disaster talk on day one of its release and became a big flop. The film could not even impress mega fans with a lack of a strong storyline and emotional elements. Critics said that there is no connectivity in the film. The failure of the film went onto Koratala. Chiranjeevi also blamed Koratala indirectly.

Chiranjeevi’s comments indirectly holding Koratala Siva’s negligence for Acharya’s failure became a sensation. If it was a new director, then he would have lost his career for the failure. Before Acharya, Koratala delivered four blockbusters. This made NTR believe Koratala strongly. Koratala waited for NTR for over a year. NTR gave time for Koratala to prepare a good story.

NTR’s newly found Golden Star Image with RRR is in Koratala Siva’s hands now. On the other hand, Koratala’s friend kept belief in him and is jointly bankrolling the big-budget movie. Kalyanram is also a part of the production. For the first time in his career, Koratala is dealing with a Pan-India film.

So we have to say that director Kortala Siva is carrying a big responsibility. Koratala is carrying a big responsibility that is bigger than his image for NTR 30. We have to wait and see how Koratala will deal with the project.