Rajamouli – Prabhas: Unstoppable Forces in Cinema Business

Rajamouli and Prabhas have carved their names in the annals of Indian cinema history with their monumental successes. With the Baahubali series and RRR, Rajamouli shattered records and expanded the reach of Telugu cinema globally.

Prabhas, propelled by his role in Baahubali, emerged as a Pan Indian Superstar, driving unprecedented business. Even without a star director, Prabhas continues to command staggering deals.

Despite mixed reviews, Saaho amassed a whopping 100 Crores share in Telugu alone, becoming the first film with a flop talk to achieve this milestone. Radhe Shyam, a love story, surpassed expectations at the box office, defying its negative reception.

Now, the buzz around Prabhas’ mythological film Adipurush has soared to new heights. People’s Media Factory acquired the rights for a massive 170 Crores, setting a non-RRR record.

With the potential for unanimous positive talk, Adipurush has the power to propel Prabhas’ box office dominance to unimaginable heights. Undoubtedly, Rajamouli and Prabhas reign as the top two stars in the realm of business, leaving an indelible mark on Indian cinema.