Rakul Preet Singh Celebrates International Day of Yoga with Inspiring Message and Partner Poses

Rakul Preet Singh, a leading actress in South Indian cinema with a dedicated fan following in North India as well, actively participated in International Day of Yoga this year. She took to social media to share a heartwarming message about the practice and showcased adorable yoga poses performed alongside her partner.

Singh’s social media post featured a collection of captivating yoga postures, accompanied by a caption that highlighted the importance of well-being and togetherness. She expressed her well wishes to her fans on International Day of Yoga, using hashtags like “#fittogetherstaytogether” to emphasize the significance of shared fitness journeys.

Beyond the charming couple’s yoga poses, Singh’s message transcended physical practice. She described yoga as “a state of mind” and “a state of bliss,” emphasizing the holistic benefits that extend beyond physical fitness. She encouraged her followers to take “baby steps towards a healthier you,” inspiring them to embrace yoga’s potential for mental and physical well-being.

The post also included a shoutout to Singh’s yoga instructor, Anshuka Yoga, with a lighthearted comment acknowledging the challenging yet rewarding partner stretches incorporated into their routine.

Singh’s public display of commitment to yoga and her message of well-being resonated with fans. While she has maintained a lower profile in South Indian cinema recently, her dedication to fitness and healthy living continues to be a source of inspiration for her followers. Anticipation remains high for the announcement of her next film project.