Sathyaraj on SSMB29: Grateful for Rajamouli, Open to Collaboration

Veteran actor Sathyaraj, known for his powerful portrayal of Kattappa in the epic “Baahubali,” has addressed recent rumors regarding his involvement in the upcoming SSMB29 project. While his recent films haven’t achieved major box office success, the prospect of him reuniting with director S.S. Rajamouli has sparked excitement among fans.

Sathyaraj acknowledges his immense gratitude towards Rajamouli. He expresses that while he was known as Sathyaraj in South India, “Baahubali” propelled him to global recognition. The film’s portrayal of Kattappa, further amplified in the animated series, has even made him a recognizable figure to children.

However, when it comes to SSMB29, Sathyaraj clarifies that he hasn’t been approached for a role alongside Mahesh Babu. Nevertheless, his statement leaves the door wide open for future collaborations. He enthusiastically declares that he would accept any role offered by Rajamouli without hesitation.

This revelation has ignited fan anticipation, fueling speculation about Sathyaraj’s potential inclusion in SSMB29. Whether this dream collaboration materializes remains to be seen, but Sathyaraj’s openness has certainly heightened the project’s intrigue.