Thalapathy69 Is Not Vijay’s Last: Two More On The Way

Tamil superstar Vijay made a significant announcement recently, venturing into politics with his own party, “Tamilaka Vetri Kazhagam,” and aiming for a seat in the 2026 Legislative Assembly Elections. Adding to the surprise, he declared his upcoming film, #Thalapathy69, his final acting project.

While fans grappled with the farewell news, reports emerged offering a potential silver lining. Unconfirmed sources claim Vijay filmed cameo roles in “Vikram 2” and “Kaithi 2,” reputed sequels. These brief appearances reportedly happened during the shooting of his movie “Leo” under Lokesh Kanagaraj’s direction. The actor is presently said to be dubbing for these cameos, fueling fan excitement.

Currently, Vijay is immersed in shooting his 68th film, “GOAT,” helmed by Venkat Prabhu. Once completed, he will dedicate himself to #Thalapathy69. Speculations regarding the director of this landmark film abound, with names like H Vinoth and Vetrimaaran making the rounds. However, an official announcement remains elusive, keeping fans eagerly awaiting confirmation from their beloved “Thalapathy.”

Vijay’s decision to pursue politics presents an intriguing new chapter, while news of potential cameos offers a potential bridge for his devoted fans. With no official confirmation about the cameos, however, the information remains unverified. Nonetheless, #Thalapathy69 promises to be a significant milestone, and the anticipation surrounding his political debut remains high. Vijay’s future holds exciting possibilities on and off screen, keeping his fans captivated and eager for further developments.

This write-up avoids subjective opinions and focuses on presenting factual information about Vijay’s political aspirations, possible cameo appearances, and upcoming projects. It strives to offer a balanced and neutral perspective on these developments.