Won’t tolerate YCP anymore: Janasena leaders

During Pawan Kalyan recent visit to West Godavari and Amaravati, he had enquired about the well being of the party members.

Many Janasena Party members have expressed their distress on what problems they are facing from YSRCP party in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan had given an ultimatum that if this continues, he himself will get into action to resolve the issues.

Now a YCP leader, Jogi Ramesh, had made unwarranted comments on Pawan Kalyan. He said,” Even somebody like Pawan Kalyan who gets friendly with BJP and also maintains relationship with TDP also has the credibility to critisize YSRCP? Maybe for others PK means Pawan Kalyan. But for me, he is only a mad dog.” To these irresponsible statements, YCP leaders have responded seriously.

After many protests were performed on Tuesday i.e today demanding a public apology as well as suspension of the leader from the party, Janasena Spokesperson had spoken to the media. “We totally condemn the statements from Jogi Ramesh. It is very low blow in politics.

If Pawan was compared with a Dog, can’t we immediately compare Jagan with another animal? But we won’t. Because Janasena does not teach us to be cheap,” said Ajay Varma.