‘Circle’ Teaser: Appealing Love & Action Thriller!

Not just big films but there are instances where some small films came out with zero hype and ended up being blockbusters. Even if the hero and heroine are new faces, it is the story and screenplay that drove the film toward success. A senior director is now ready to score a hit in such a manner and he made a film titled ‘Circle’.

There are a few directors who don’t prefer routine cinema and come up with different concepts all the time. Director Neelakantha is such filmmaker. He previously arrived with ‘Show’ and won two National Awards with it. He is coming with ‘Circle’ which has a tagline ‘Yevaru Yeppudu Yenduku Shatruvulavutaaro’ (No one knows who will become enemies at what point in time).

The teaser came out recently and the motion poster already impressed the audience. Sai Ronak is the lead actor while Arshin Mehta, Baba Bhaskar and others play key roles. This is an amalgamation of action and romance. The story revolves around like a circle and it looks like the dose of romance in this film is abundant.

With a director like Neelakantha making it, the curiosity has increased over the movie. The hero gets dragged into a circle due to some incidents which happened in his life. He struggles to find out who his friend is and who his enemy is. What happens after that forms the rest of the story. Sarat Chandra, Sumalatha Annith Reddy and Venu Babu are the producers of this film.