Ex-IPS ​​Praveen Kumar breaks silence on his political entry

We are aware that IPS officer Dr RS ​​Praveen Kumar has announced his voluntary retirement. There have been several speculations since his resignation. A few reports suggested that he will join the TRS party, while others have campaigned that he will launch his own party. However, he seems to have given some clarity on his political entry lately.

In a recent interview, RS Praveen Kumar said that the Bahujans need to form a new political party. He said that justice was not done to the Bahujans in Telangana and that he came out to do justice to them. Giving more clarity about his political entry, Kumar said that he will get into politics. However, he is not sure when it will happen precisely.

The former IPS officer said that only 1 percent of the people have wealth and he resigned and entered the public arena only for the remaining 99 percent of the people, who are waiting for government schemes. He also said that not just land for Dalits, houses for the poor, but his principal goal is to bring them to a higher status in life.

Praveen Kumar further claimed that there is no room for injustice and irregularities in the social welfare schools under his reign.