How Tiger 3’s Date Misstep Turned Costly?

The release date of a movie can make or break its success, and this holds true for big films like Tiger 3 starring Salman Khan. Despite receiving decent word of mouth, the movie faced significant challenges due to its release timing

Typically, the Diwali weekend is considered lucrative for Bollywood releases. However, this time, the ODI World Cup coincided with Diwali, impacting Tiger 3’s performance. India’s impressive performance in the World Cup, reaching the final within the movie’s initial eight days, diverted attention from the film.

The final match, held on a Sunday, particularly affected Tiger 3 as it coincided with its second Sunday at the box office. The film’s single-digit net collection on its second Sunday highlighted the impact of the World Cup final on its viewership.

Additionally, the movie’s release on a Sunday meant it missed out on the advantage of a traditional weekend opening. Had Tiger 3 been released on a Friday, it could have capitalized on a longer 5-6 day opening weekend, potentially improving its box office numbers. However, releasing on a Sunday caused the movie to miss out on two crucial days, ultimately contributing to its failure at the box office.

Thus, despite having a big star and decent audience feedback, the unfortunate release date significantly hindered Tiger 3’s performance, resulting in substantial financial losses.