TDP cadre is so much happy when compared to YCP… But why?

The majority of the TDP leaders are terrified of the YSRCP government whenever they get a call from the TDP high command to revolt against the alleged atrocities of the ruling party. Already many former Ministers, former MLAs, MLAs, local leaders, and even TDP supporters have been booked under so many cases by the government.

So, the TDP cadre feels it is too risky to show their rage on the YSRCP even though they have enormous affection towards the main opposition TDP. TDP alleges that about 800 TDP people have been booked under various cases by the AP government after YSRCP came into rule. This is the main problem of the CBN as no one is showing any intent to fight back.

So, the TDP high command has decided to aid the weak cadre thereby boosting them up with a lot of confidence for a fightback. The CBN has decided to give more judicial support to the local leaders officially. In that manner, reportedly, the TDP is going to appoint a lawyer to every mandal who prevents the TDP leaders and cadre from going to jail that are conspired under illegal cases.

The high command has decided to bear the burden of the lawyer charges and the TDP leaders are most likely to get bail in most of the cases. On the other side, though they run the government, the YSRCP leaders are very much afraid of the high court which is troubling the AP government big time all these days.

Of course, Jagan has decided to abandon the leaders who bring a bad name to his party by committing illegalities and crimes. So, it is clear that the YSRCP cadre is under the utmost pressure when compared to the TDP’s cadre though it is the most vulnerable in the two.