Telangana minister T Harish Rao questions Congress, BJP’s criticism to sale of government lands

SANGAREDDY: Finance Minister T Harish Rao has criticised the Congress and the BJP for their ‘useless criticisms’ over the sale of government land. On Monday, the Minister inaugurated the survey work for the Sangameshwara Lift Irrigation Project to be constructed on the Singur project at Venkatapur village of Munipalli mandal in Andole constituency.

Speaking to reporters, he said the Congress party sold nearly 88,000 acres of Telangana land during the ten-year rule before the partition of the State and had spent it on the development of Seemandhra.

At the time, leaders like Bhatti Vikramarka and others didn’t say a single word, and today they are criticising the TRS for selling lands for the welfare of people. Rao said the party was not selling the lands on the sly, but had mentioned it in the Budget.

He said the State government’s revenue had significantly reduced due to the pandemic and yet Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was trying to continue the government schemes.

But the Congress and the BJP want to stop funding of welfare schemes in the State, he said. The Minister further said lands were being sold for the development of the State and for the implementation of welfare programs for the poor. He added that the sale of lands was going to be conducted in a completely transparent manner.

“The Centre has written to the State directing it to sell companies in the State to the private sector, saying the State will be awarded for this. The State BJP leaders are talking nonsense,” Harish Rao said.

The Minister also criticised the Central government for selling government companies and laying off employees in Telangana.