This MLA did not visit his constituency in 40 days

Where is Balka Suman? This is the question that the people in general and TRS party workers in particular are asking in Chennur assembly constituency. For the last 40 days, Balka Suman has not visited Chennur. He is said to be available only to a close coterie of party leaders.

Balka Suman, a young MLA known to be close to the KCR family, has not been visiting his constituency. As of now, he has the alibi of working in Nagarjunasagar assembly constituency, which will go to bypolls. But, even otherwise, his visits to the constituency are fewer and far between. Even when he visits the constituency, he meets only a handful of key leaders and then rushes back to Hyderabad. He is spending most of his time in Hyderabad to remain in the good books of KCR and KTR. Currently, he is busy with Nagarjunasagar assembly constituency where a prestigious electoral battle is on.

At least two leaders in Chennur, who are known to be staunchly opposed to Balka Suman are taking advantage of the situation and are trying to create negative opinion about Suman. Yet, Suman, it appears, doesn’t seem to care. He is still pre-occupied with Hyderabad affairs. The BJP has already taken this issue up and has staged demonstrations.