Vaccine supply to remain a major challenge till July, says KTR

At present, Telangana has a population of about 92 lakh people above the age of 45 years, of which over 45 lakh people have received the first dose of the vaccine and another ten lakh people have completed the second dose, said Minister KTR. He said their first priority now was to provide a second dose to all the 45 lakh people who had already taken the first dose.

KTR said the state was not getting enough vaccines as the supply of vaccines was within the purview of the central government. KTR said the state government has a mechanism to vaccinate 9 lakh people a day, but the supply of vaccines remains the biggest challenge. “The supply of vaccines will only start meeting demand across the country by late July or early August. Till then it’s going to be a challenge”, he said on Twitter.