Vakeel Saab holding ground despite hardships

Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab is facing unforeseen hardships as the government of Andhra Pradesh denied permission for special shows and rejected the plea for flexible ticket pricing.

However, Vakeel Saab is holding its ground despite these external factors and putting up an impressive performance at the box office.

Pawan Kalyan’s crowd-pulling capabilities are on display as Vakeel Saab is raking moolah at the ticket counters regardless of the tense situation pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak. People are stepping out to watch the film in theatres.

It has been over 3 years since Pawan Kalyan was last seen on the big screens and that is one of the main reasons why cine enthusiasts are braving Covid to watch the film.

The social drama is registering good revenues at the ticket counters across Andhra Pradesh even with restricted ticket pricing which is a positive sign.

The producer Dil Raju has opted not to release any collections poster as he doesn’t want to escalate the rift with the government of Andhra Pradesh.