Ex MLA Gone Prakash extends his support to Etela Rajender

Former RTC chairman and Ex-MLA Gone Prakash Rao has said that he will support the former minister and BJP leader Etela Rajender. He hailed Etela as the man who worked tirelessly during the Covid-19 period. He said that people will also support the former health minister in the Huzurabad by-election.

“Huzurabad constituency belongs to the Reddy community. In such a place, one has to think that a BC leader has competed six times and won. The people of the Huzurabad constituency have moral values. Even the intelligence wing cannot predict the victory of Etela,” he said.

“The TRS government has to put the Dalit Bandhu pilot project in SC Reserve constituency instead of Huzurabad. CM KCR is giving Dalit bond in Huzurabad to defeat Etela in the by-election,” Gone Prakash added.

Prakash Rao has been criticizing the ruling TRS party and CM KCR for quite some time now. He recently made sensational remarks that the party MP Santosh Kumar has been aiming for the Chief Minister’s chair. He even said intelligence information would also go to the CM through Santosh Kumar.

Prakash Rao alleged that Santosh Kumar and his family members looted thousands of crores. He also said that Santosh is using his powers to file illegal cases against innocent people.