Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa announces resignation

For a long time now, it was speculated that Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa will resign from his top post. After months of speculation, the towering Lingayat leader has announced his resignation on Monday. This marks the end of his two-year rule.

Yeddyurappa will meet the Governor at 4 pm to submit his resignation. Speaking on the two-year anniversary of his government, the emotional veteran leader said his government had fought for farmers, Dalits and the people of this state. He shed tears at the two-year anniversary of his government.

BS Yeddyurappa said Atal Bihari Vajpayee had asked him to join the Union Cabinet when he was the Prime Minister, but the former denied the latter’s offer and said he would remain in Karnataka politics. The CM said he had always been through Agni pariksha in his career and that the Covid-19 situation had troubled him for the past two years. He spoke for almost two hours in the Karnataka Assembly and said he had run the government successfully for two years.

He also asked officers and MLAs to regain people’s trust by working harder, in a clean and honest way