Where are Jagananna Colonies? Even Google doesn’t show them!!

Is the famed Jagannana Colony scheme of the YS Jagan government ending up as a mere mirage? The scheme is fast turning out into a non-starter. Now the lastest is that the details of this ambitious housing scheme are not available on the Google search engine.

The Jagananna Colony scheme was planned soon after YS Jagan came to power. Initially, the government planned for 25 lakh houses. However, later studies showed that at least 30 lakh houses were needed. Finally, the Jagan government has announced that it would build 27 lakh houses under the scheme. As per the scheme, the urban poor would be given one cent, while the rural poor were to be given one-and-a-half cent.

The houses were to be completed by the Ugadi festival last year. However, due to the Corona scare and the lockdown, the scheme was delayed and lands could be given only in September last year. Initially, the government had said that it would build the houses. It had even tried to get funds under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

However, the project did not make any progress. In the wake of the recent rains, several colonies were inundated and in many areas, the colonies could not even be recognised.

Interestingly, when a search was made in Google for the layout of the Jagananna Colonies, no results were shown. The maps weren’t available. This has raised questions about whether the ambitious housing scheme would ever become a reality. Many are even worried about the distances. The colonies are far removed from the main towns and habitations and the poor will find the commute extremely difficult.